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Lennie's Story


Iím Lennie.  My mom had us in some nice folksí garage where we were pretty comfortable until we were grown enough to move into a different lifestyle.  My sister Hailey and I are the two yellow kids.  Our rescuers arranged for Mom to have her surgery and the outside lifestyle she preferred.  Meantime, we got to go to this super foster home.  It had small dogs and cats, big, little and in-between - cat trees, treats, welcoming laps, and some very nice Human Persons!  Weíve been busy growing up, but recently we visited the nice doctor lady and had all our medical work taken care of - so it is time to ďseek our fortunes.Ē  I just love life:  Human Persons, cat trees, small dogs, other kitties, toys - you name it!  I havenít met any small Human Persons, or Big Dogs, so I hope if my new home has some of those, please be sure I can meet them slowly.

Iím neutered, done with my shots, negative for FIV/FELV and very healthy.  And also extremely handsome!  Iím one Very Cool Dude! I need to be INSIDE ONLY, and Iíll be watching for you at Twin Falls PetSmart!