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Marta's Story


Marta is a beautiful 4 year old lady who wants an independent life, preferably inside/outside, with plenty of space, without the bother of other felines, and with human involvement on her terms.  She prefers to watch life from the sidelines, is open to conversation with intelligent humans who respect her need for autonomy and are smart enough to know that not every feline wants to be a lap cat.  She likes her four feet on the ground; and is an accomplished mouser who believes in tight security for her premises.  She’d make an excellent shop cat, keeping everything under control for her “employers.”  She has already demonstrated that she is a proper nighttime security guard for her foster mom’s shop.  She’d love a comfy semi-private place to sleep during the day, a full food and water bowl, and the independence to live her life, inside and out, while doing her “job.” 

If you are looking for a competent, independent, opinionated feline, she would be very happy to interview you.

If you’d like to know more, please begin the conversation by sending us an e-mail or applying for her by clicking HERE. Or, you can leave a call-back message indicating your interest in him at 208-543-6193.