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Latest News
Happy April 2017
Shadowen is the Kitty of the Month

M17-010 - My name is Shadowen. I'm 8 months old.  On a recent snowy day I encountered a car that changed my destiny. I was just crossing the street but instead I found myself in a clinic with folks looking me over. I was shook up, the only damages were a detached retina that can't be fixed, and a few missing teeth. Never did get across that street, but instead I went to a pleasant Magicats home where I had some other health problems fixed.  I also got neutered, all my shots, and a negative FIV/FELV test.  I like my foster mom and my excellent kitty friends in this nice home, but it's time to plan my future.  I'm seeking an INSIDE ONLY forever home - maybe yours! I'm very proud of my beautiful long, gray coat.   I'm also smart, friendly and cheerful. If you've got a cat friendly home and are looking for a nice guy to occupy it, we should talk.  A window cat tree, some toys, a comfy bed, and pleasant folks with time to visit would be a bonus.  Stop by Twin Falls PetSmart and we'll chat.  Maybe we can do a deal!
From all of the Magicats Cats and Kittens
These kitties are waiting for their "forever homes".
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Save the Date - May 4, 2017

This donation day is very important to Magicats Inc. Our small rescue group relies entirely on donations to enable us to do the work that we do. Magicats is a totally volunteer non-profit and any funds that we receive are always used only for the cats and kittens that we are helping to find a better life. It is not necessary to be an Idaho resident in order to participate in Idaho Gives. We appreciate any help that you can give us. Thank You!!

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Special Announcement from Mortimer!!
Magicats currently has many kittens being cared for in our foster homes. Their ages are a few days to about four weeks and their pictures and information will be coming soon. If you have been thinking of adopting a Magicat kitten the wait is almost over!
Miss Kitty and Sylvester
"Miss Kitty loves to cuddle and play with Sylvester. Sylvester is outgoing and curious and sometimes very mischievous. We love both of them so much and are so happy that we adopted them."
Happy Adoptions

Peggy, who is now named Calypso, had an injured leg when she was rescued and it eventually had to be amputated.

Kitties adjust well when they only have three legs as you can tell from this happy photo.

"Calypso is doing great!! We absolutely adore her. She has grown into the most beautiful sweet cat! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!"
"Bailee FKA Rebecca is almost one year old.   She's a smart, sweet, talkative, happy, busy cat. We've never heard her hiss or growl. She's just happy and loving and loves attention. She loves all of her toys and brings the one she wants to play with to us so we can play too. We've decided that she's the smartest being in our house including being smarter than the humans.  She makes us laugh everyday. We're so happy she came to live with us. Thanks to Magicats and the foster family who gave her a great start in life and for letting us give her a forever home."
Since January 1, 2017 Magicats
had 63 Adoptions and 8 TNRs

We currently have many cats and kittens that are
waiting for their "forever homes"

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