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Snicket's Story


Iím a handsome 7 months old kid with a gorgeous short yellow and white tabby coat and soulful eyes.  Iíve been hanging out in a nice foster home with some children, lots of other cats, and an elderly dog.  Since I got awful darned hungry before I was rescued, my biggest challenge has been learning to trust that there will be MY VERY OWN FOOD in a safe, quiet place where I can enjoy it.  I LOVE the refrigerator, but Iíve been learning that itís OFF LIMITS, since most of whatís in there isnít good for cats anyway.  Iíd like my new INSIDE ONLY family to help me remember that! (We all know cats are síposed NOT to eat people foodÖ.so please help!) 

Iím about 7 months old; hated being lost, and LOVED being found! Iíve got an easy mellow temperament, and Iíd be a very good, playful, loving family cat - especially if you have time and patience to teach me whatís expected. My medical workís done; negative FIV/FELV, all my shots, and my neuter surgery.  If youíve been thinking about a ďmellow yellowĒ guy, you should meet me at Twin Falls PetSmart!