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Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2010
Jackie Sparrow
April 2010
Jackie Sparrow was a kitten raised on a bottle, surrounded by other cats and a few pet squirrels.  A serious herpes infection, however, caused the loss of her right eye.  That didn’t hinder Jackie, though.  And when Tiffany, a Twin Falls resident, saw her at PetSmart she said, “I loved her from the first time I saw her and when I first held her I knew she was my kitty.”

Today, Jackie is known simply as Sparrow and her human mom reports that she is well accepted by the other two cats of the household, saying, “They are very careful and loving with their new sister.  They don’t even touch the side of her face with the sealed eye.  We’re just one big, happy family.”
April 2010
When Riverside came to us, he was a year-old kitten, living outside, with a bad habit of sleeping in the road.  Because his human family lived on a very busy thoroughfare, they realized he needed a safer home.

Thanks to PetsMart, Riverside was spotted by a Gooding family who said, “We love cats and dogs and wanted to give him a loving home.”  It looks like Riverside has certainly found that.  Today, he lives safely indoors with his human best friends, including two fun kids.
Frisco aka Dexter
January 2010
In early December 2009, a local veterinarian saw what she thought was a chunk of frozen mud alongside the Paul Highway.  What caught her eye, however, was that the icy chunk was moving in circles.  Upon taking a second look, she realized that she was looking at a very small, very cold black kitten.  She pulled her car over, jumped out, and dodging a few speeding trucks, scooped up tiny Dexter.  Immediately she could see he was suffering from hypothermia.  At her clinic, with careful treatment and much love from the staff, Dexter made a complete recovery just in time to spend the holidays with the feline family in one of our Buhl foster homes. 

While he was enjoying their hospitality, in a true Magic coincidence the foster mom received an unexpected phone inquiry from an animal rescue colleague who was seeking a young kitten on behalf of her nephew in Salt Lake City. 

Dexter's photos were immediately dispatched via e-mail, a meet-and-greet trip was planned, and in a matter of days, Dexter found his purr-fect forever home!

Update April 2010
Frisco has turned out to be a wonderful boy. He and his brother Mannie get along great, and Mannie is very patient about putting up with the constant harassment typical of a kitten. Our Corgi, Abbey also gets along well with him and they too engage in lots of horseplay. We think he is adorable. He has completed the remainder of his series of shots, and continues to grow and get healthier by the day. Thanks again for the opportunity to take him into our home, he thinks he has arrived in heaven.
Joe & Darci
April 2010
Mollycat came to us abandoned and with a broken left, hind leg. After six weeks in the veterinarian's clinic, she was as good as new. Four days later, she was adopted and got a job at the same time. Her new family owns an antique shop and she goes to work with them everyday. She's the greeter! Her new human mom says, "Thanks!" to everyone who brought Mollycat to them and adds, "We just love her! She's very sweet and is a great hugger, too!"
November 2010
Hi Everybody!  I’m BETSY and I’m ADOPTED!!!
I’m SO excited! When I came to foster at Taylors, I was very small and needed extra help because I was born  with just a narrow piece of bone at the end of my leg instead of a foot.  Now, you try walking around on THAT! They put me in a big wire kennel to protect my leg. In a chair next to my kennel was a new cat person and now he’s my Daddy!

See, Joseph has a few problems, too, like being on oxygen all the time and living in a big comfortable chair because he can’t walk very well either. So we became friends and talked about many things.  I liked to watch him play dominoes with his wife, and I met the two lady cats who share our “apartment.”

Several weeks later Dr. Morgan fixed me up, and now I’ve got 3 good legs and an elegant round hip instead of that useless leg.   I CAN RUN!  I CAN CLIMB! I CAN FLY!  Now I can REALLY take care of Daddy.  And now I get to live with Joseph and Betti and their other cat friends FOREVER and EVER!  How could a girl get so lucky?

So, listen up, cat lovers!  Don’t forget us “special needs guys” when you’re thinking about adopting.  You might be missing a real treasure!

Love from

A Magicats Family:

Betti, Joseph, and Betsy Taylor
Conley aka Moto
November 2010
Magicats fans will remember Moto, the featured tabby kitten who nearly lost his life in a fire, and who was patiently awaiting his purr-fect home.  Here’s a great Magically Ever After report from his new family who have given him the name of Conley.

We adopted Conley in May of this year.  When we started looking for a new cat, we had just come off the loss of our other boy cat, Bernard.  We knew we wanted a friendly, loving cat who wouldn’t be afraid to jump up in our laps and snuggle up for some attention.  When I first met Conley (then Moto) he bounded into the waiting room of the vet’s office where he had been staying for the last 11 months.  Because of the scarring on his legs and feet, Conley doesn’t run like a normal cat, and hops more like a bunny.  When I sat down, he immediately jumped right up in my lap and butted me in the face.  In that moment, he had my heart!  My husband and I tried to think of a name for him, unique to his experiences.  We settled on Conley, which means “purified by fire.”

After he came home, we noticed that he was frequently chewing on his tail.  This began to worry us, as we knew that due to his fire injuries it could be something more  than just obsessive behavior.  This started a long, very stressful journey for us and our boy.  After visiting with several vets without success, we were referred to The Cat Doctor in Boise, which specializes in cases like these.  We tried several things, and after tests, the infected end of the tail was removed, as were the deformed claws on his front feet.  At first we thought this would solve the problem, but five days later, he began chewing the tail again and broke the skin.  We didn’t want him to have to go through life wearing a e-collar.  At that point, we were willing to try most anything, and our doctor then suggested we try acupuncture to treat the nerve damage in the tail.  We had the first treatment in October, and it was a miracle!  After two appointments and herbal treatment, Conley has stopped chewing his tail - and for a month has been able to give up his e-collar!

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