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Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2011)
Busy aka Daniel
March 2011
From Janet in Hailey, we've received these great pictures and information about the boy "Formerly Known as Daniel"

She writes, "We call him "Busy" (BusyBee, BusyBottom, BusyPants) - he seems to never be still.  We think of his whole name as Busy Underfoot In Your Face.  He's amazing!  He's very smart, self-confident, and thinks of himself as our dog, Perkins', best friend.  Perkins isn't so sure, however, because Busy will spring out of nowhere to jump up around Perkins' neck.  Perkins just looks at us as if to say, "Did you SEE that?  Did you SEE what he just did?"

Still, he's very tolerant of the rowdy little boy.  Busy tears around the house, climbs up onto the log walls, and flings his toys in the air.  He's a very funny, and fun cat!  He's one of those cats who is almost dog like. We're very happy with this little guy!"

Thanks, Janet -- we LOVE hearing these success stories!
Perry aka Jason
April 2011
Our story begins on a day trip to Idaho. After seeing the Shoshone Falls we decided to stop by at Petsmart to get fish but fell in love with Perry (a.k.a Jason). My husband and I moved to the US (NV) about 5 months ago, he is from Holland and I am from South America but raised in Canada, so our international family became even more international after adopting our Idaho kitty :) Perry took us by surprise, we truly believe that he picked us.

He's such a sweet, lovely pet, got used to his new home right away after we brought him back from Idaho. It was the first time for the both of us having cats and he is just amazing, very clean, sweet, likes to snuggle when watching TV, we always have dinner at the same time the three of us. He has lots of toys around the house and likes to play with his kitty tree and mousies.

We are more than happy that our family grew with our lovely Perry. 

Thank you Magicats
Paul and Jarid
Stuart Little
June 2011
Stuart Little is a very special cat who was in need of a certain kind of home.  Stuart's first home was with an elderly lady who passed away a few months ago. He had lived inside only his entire life, he knew nothing about other cats or dogs, he was a little shy and he was declawed. He spent several weeks being cared for by one of our Magicats foster volunteers and then something purr-fect happened.

Susan and Ray from Santa Clarita, California were visiting another of our Magicats volunteers and Susan was introduced to Stuart. It was love at first sight. Stuart traveled to his new home in the back of a big 5th Wheel and is now happily living in southern California where he is the "King of the House" and a very happy kitty in his new purr-fect forever home
We adopted a wonderful cat from your organization that you called 'Beau.' I'm happy to report that he is doing wonderfully! He is exactly who we were looking for when we decided to try and find a companion for our son, Jericho, who is autistic. CAT has been absolutely fabulous as a therapist and loves to sit on or near Jericho during his school hours and also while he's doing speech therapy online.  Jericho is the one who named him, and despite valiant efforts to have him named something catchy like, "Tiger" or "Leo, " Jericho insisted that his name is, "CAT." (In all capital letters.)

CAT loves to take showers. He will often jump into the shower with my husband and just sit under the indirect spray. He gets along fabulously with our extended family's dogs (we have two tiny little poodle/chihuahua crosses and a Cavalier King Charles that often visit). He has shown no inclination to go outside for any reason, so we haven't had to worry about him running off and getting into trouble and has, in fact, claimed the recliner as his perch for watching football with the family. We couldn't be happier with the whole situation!  He has an absolutely wonderful personality and didn't seem to have any difficulty acclimating to our family and our daily habits. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him until we could adopt him! He is the perfect companion!
CAT aka Beau
September 2011
Smudge aka Ozzy
September 2011
I am already the "mama" to a 14 year old calico, Honey and a 3 year old tortie, Mimi so I don't know what possessed me to start looking at Petfinder. But when I did, I found Smudge, now Ozzy, and fell in love. His picture and well- written bio were priceless and I felt he somehow needed us. The wonderful ladies of Magicats brought him to meet me and he came right into my arms. Now he is constantly in our laps and has an adorable habit of following me everywhere, looking up directly into my eyes the entire time. I have fallen madly in love with him and am so grateful to have helped rescue a new fur- kid. Thank you!
Boots was born in the country to a feral mom and didnít know much about people except the great lady that took care of him and his three siblings when he was a tiny baby. Magicats agreed to help the kind lady find homes for all of these special kittens.

When Allyssa from Meridian, Idaho saw Bootsí picture on our website she knew that he was the kitten she wanted as her special friend.  As you can see from these photos, we think that Boots has found his purrfect home.
December 2011
Sometimes in our work we encounter a "Spirit Cat" - one of those special beings who have a knack for being exactly where they are needed at exactly the right time. Princess is one of them.

We first met Princess several years ago when working with another feline rescue group. With her sister and brother, she came to the organization as a young adult after her human parents passed away. We quickly placed the sister and brother, but Princess remained shy, perhaps grieving. For several weeks nothing happened, and then with a long weekend approaching, we sent her to foster with a young woman struggling with bi-polar syndrome. The weekend stretched into a permanent and loving placement.

Time went by. Her mistress recovered and moved on, leaving Princess to care for her room mate, a disabled young woman struggling with many issues. True to her role as caregiver, Princess helped her for several years and was at her side when she unexpectedly passed away. Her family called Magicats and we picked her up and sent her to Terry in one of our largest foster homes.

Several months passed. Then Terry got a call from a lonely older woman friend, who said, "Have you got an older cat who'd like to be my company and won't tear the house apart?" Needless to say, Terry knew just the one! Princess, the Spirit Cat, is back on the job!
November 2011
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