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Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2012)
January 2012
Great excitement here at Magicats!  Purr-ell has found her Purr-fect Forever Home!  This beautiful 9 months old girl with a history of physical and emotional abuse has had a lot to overcome.  This meant we needed an experienced cat-loving household, prepared to help her learn to trust people and other cats, and who knew how to help with her special needs. At first all we had was hope - and then many people joined hands to help. 

We are very grateful to the staff at Green Acres Pet Center in Twin Falls, whose dedication and understanding helped lay the groundwork to prepare her for that special home. We are grateful also to Troy and the people at Best Friendsí No More  Homeless Pets who helped with advice and moral support, and reminded us that there is a network of cat people out there to help kitties-with-issues.  And finally, we are most grateful to Jeanne and Roy who stepped up on her behalf.  They are experienced ďcat peopleĒ who, for more than 30 years have opened their home to special needs felines, including those with Purr-ellís kind of problems. This January she joined their special needs feline household and began her new Forever Life in their specially equipped cat-friendly home.  Now she will have the time, patience, understanding and acceptance that will give her the kind of life she deserves. 

Best wishes to Jeanne, Roy, and Purr-ell as they begin their adventure together!
August 2012
Hello everyone!  Itís me, Pebbles! I FINALLY FOUND MY PURR-FECT FOREVER HOME!!  Really!!!

The Magicats ladies said I could tell you about it, but not to make it too long, so Iíll try not to!  Remember, I came to Magicats with one of the lady volunteers after my special human, Jimmy, had to go to hospice.  Jimmy and I had a great friendship.  He took care of me and my babies, and after they were adopted I took care of him and kept him company until he went to hospice.  I heard later that after he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, lots of his friends gave special donations to Magicats in his honor! I was so proud!

The Magicats ladies got me all ready to adopt and I went to Petsmart to meet my New Family. But then I made a little mistake.  I went with the first family that showed up, and - well, letís just say it didnít work out.  They wanted me to be a Mouser, and I was thinking more about being a Lap Cat Companion.  So when they moved, I went to another Magicats foster home where several of us gals about the same age shared a nice comfortable room with a big window.  I figured that would be my forever life, and it was okay.

Then one day a man called and asked about me. He said their Feline Long Time Companion had crossed the Rainbow Bridge and they were very lonely. They had seen my picture on the website and read my Interesting Story and they knew right away I was The One!  Can you believe it?  So now I live with Charlie and Karen in their pretty Boise home, and Iím their Most Special and Only Companion!  Iím so happy, and so are they! 

So, thank you - all of you Magicats fans for your interest and your positive vibes!  I hope youíve enjoyed my Long and Interesting Story!  Love, Pebbles.
We are thrilled and proud to announce that in late August, Percy the Persian went to the Boise Airport with  two Magicat ladies.  There he met his New Forever Best Friend and flew home to Portland with her that very day!  

His new mom is a young career woman who grew up with an Ultra Persian much like Percy.  She adores the breed and is very knowledgeable about their special needs, issues and peculiarities, so we know Percy is in great hands.  He will be sharing the condo where she lives and works, and expects to be fully involved in her life, and in her career where he plans to be her Special Assistant.  

First photos have arrived, and we look forward to seeing more as his new life unfolds.  It has been a long, rewarding journey for the Magicats volunteers, the caring vets, and the many Magicats fans who sent their good wishes to the sad little 7 months old waif who has turned into this delightful, healthy two year old young adult. 

A special thanks to our Best Friends representative, Troy Lea, who helped us find his purr-fect future through the publicity provided by the No More Homeless Pets network!    We are also grateful for the Magicats supporters and donors who help make it possible for us to continue our policy of long-term foster care until that Purr-Fect home finally shows up!  Just look what it did for Percy!
August 2012
"Heard it by the Grapevine..."
When volunteer Betti walked into Twin Falls PetSmart recently, there were Big Grins on the faces of the Adoption Associates! MooShoo had come to visit! And therein lies a brief tale ... MooShoo was originally adopted as a pet for a young girl, but when her parents moved to a no-pet apartment, he couldn't go. Back he came to Betti's foster home where he languished ... and then he came to the PetSmart adoption center where he languished some more. In spite of several "near misses," we were beginning to think it would never happen for him. Then one day a mature couple stopped by to chat with him - and just like that, it was DONE! When Mooshie visited his PetSmart friends, he was hanging out inside his New Dad's jacket, right over his heart, where he seems to have a secure, forever spot. He graciously greeted his PetSmart friends with great dignity and went home to resume his new life. Hurray for Mooshie and his new family!
November 2012
Larry came to Twin Falls PetSmart in January, one of four Maine Coon X siblings who were the last to be rescued from a failed foster home.

They were all fun guests in the Magicats foster home over the holidays but Maxwell was the most interesting and outgoing of the clan. We knew he would do well. We didn't know he would Hit The Jackpot! At the PetSmart Adoption Center, he met Matt, the new Assistant Manager, and just like that, it was all over! "That cat's going home with me - tonight!" Matt announced - and he did! Regular PetSmart visitors who know Matt count on regular updates, complete with pictures, of The Only Cat Ever Born. Christened Larry, he now lives in luxury with his New Best Friend, Bogey, and the Greatest Cat Dad Ever Born! We love this kind of Happily Ever After story, and look forward to hearing about Larry and Bogey's Excellent Adventures! Thanks also to Matt for the great work he does for the PetSmart Adoption Center!
Larry (fka Maxwell)
November 2012
Last January, Cat and Will, from Sun Valley, made a special trip to Twin Falls PetSmart where they adopted Carlyle. It was a happy adoption, presided over by the volunteer who fostered him with love, after his chilly rescue from an East Valley canal bank on a cold fall day. Carlyle was a funny little self-contained guy, and we wondered how he would take to adoption. We were glad to see that he bonded immediately. As you can see from the picture, he's a big, well-adjusted King of the House, living up to his big boy name, Hugo Tybalt! In late October, the same volunteer had the pleasure of presiding over the adoption of a New Best Friend for Hugo Tybalt. Flower (as you can see from his picture) is a handsome little black and white tuxedo boy with a cute skunk stripe up his back. Flower's bonding with the couple was so quick and so strong that we knew it was meant to be! Like Carlyle, the New Little Prince was soon on his way to Sun Valley to meet new brother Hugo. Now we are eagerly awaiting the photos of - ta-da!! Falstaff Ruan (Fal for short.) Both boys adore both parents, and Cat tells us that Fal and Hugo have made their lives a thousand per cent richer! Ours, too!
Hugo Tybalt (fka Carlyle)
and Falstaff Ruan (fka Flower)
November 2012
Loyal Magicats fans who have wondered about Solie's absence from "Available Kitties" will enjoy hearing about his new home in Great Falls, Montana. It seems that his new family found him on our website, and knew immediately that they wanted to add him to their family, hoping that he would adjust to the other cats in the household. Following is the e-mail we received in early December:
"Just wanted to let you know that Solie is doing fine and has acquired his Montana citizenship papers. He will not be returning to Idaho. Thank you for such a great cat! Bill"
Idaho's loss is Montana's gain! Hurray for Solie and Hurray for his Purr-fect Forever home!
December 2012
A great picture and brief note from the Pocatello couple who have made this beautiful colorpoint their Forever Feline!  The adoptive parents,  who signed their note ďN&G,Ē report that heís a big, ďbeautiful 9 pounds, walks with a harness and leash, plays constantly - and is so much fun!  His best playmate is our sonís yorkie!Ē  And they tell us to keep up the good work.  You guys keep up the good work, too! We are so glad that this special guy has found his special family!
Koko (aka Blitz)
December 2012
At five years old, Buster has been having the adventure of a lifetime!  Heís been a real trooper about it all and weíre very proud of him!  When his forever familyís change of circumstances brought him to Magicats, we already knew that Sheila was hoping to adopt him.  Then an unexpected medical problem put the adoption on hold, so we placed him in one of our great foster homes.  Just before Christmas, Magicats Volunteer Debbie had the pleasure of introducing Buster to Sheila and he agreed to join her family.  Sheila says itís been an interesting few weeks.  Her pug is thrilled to have a new kitty friend, but Buster is warming up to his new mom in his own peculiar way.  He loves her best when the lights are out - shares her bed and is SO happy -  in the daytime, not so muchÖ.guess she doesnít look like his Old Mom.  Every day gets better, though, and we can hardly wait for that great - and inevitable - family photo!  Congratulations and best wishes to Sheila, Buster, and Baby Girl!
December 2012
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