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Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2013)
It’s always exciting to hear from a Magicats’ alumnus!  Meet Dexter, formerly known as Bing, and his Very Best Forever Friend, Chase!  It was our first summer (2010) when two small kittens, a tiny golden tabby boy, and his black and white tuxedo sister were rescued by a Heyburn volunteer from very bad circumstances.   Christened Bing and Betsy by the rescuers, they spent time in foster care in Rupert, and later in Buhl.  (Scroll down for Betsy’s story - suffice it to say she’s doing extremely well!)  We knew Bing would be someone’s special friend; personable, friendly, affectionate, and with a great purr, it could hardly be otherwise.  His arrival at PetSmart coincided with three year old Chase’s long-promised visit to choose his very own Forever Friend.  When Chase saw Bing, it was mutual love at first sight.  His mom was more cautious - there were quite a few to choose from, and he hadn’t even looked at them.  But Chase just Knew!  Three years later, Bing, now known as Dexter, remains Chase’s constant companion and very best forever friend.  We love seeing them together, and we think you will, too!
Dexter fka Bing
February 2013
We just received this great picture of young Miss Roberts and her New Best Friend, Snickers, along with a note from mom saying that Snickers is doing very well and has become a big, important part of their family.  Several Magicats volunteers had a hand in raising this pretty color point girl, and we are thrilled to know that she’s doing so well.
March 2013
Sometimes a kitty knows exactly who his purr-fect parents are, even if they haven’t figured it out yet.  Take Teddie.  Left alone on the street, he chose carefully:  a house with a great garden, pleasant kitchen, and nice people who didn’t think they needed another kitty.  But they were kind, and invited him in “temporarily” until Magicats had space for him.  They even put his picture on the website.  Teddie just smiled and waited.  He made himself useful in the kitchen and garden, and was polite (sort of) to the other cats in the family.  He was specially nice to his foster dad.  One day Foster Dad asked him if he wanted to stay FOREVER.  Of course Teddie said YES-S-S!!!  Congratulations to Teddie and his new Forever Family!
April 2013
Beautiful Valentine is now happily living in her "forever home" with her new best friend Cole and she is one very happy kitty.
April 2013
Mister Kitty
May 2013
A Tale Of Two Torties

Once there was a pretty torte girl named Natalie who's purrfect home just never seemed to show up. At three years old, she was okay in a long-term foster home, but she really, really wanted a home all her own, and she was again waiting at Twin Falls PetSmart for it to happen. It was her third try!
May 2013
Who Sez It Doesn't Pay to Advertise?

Shortly after placing his ad: "Cool Lonely Feline Guy Seeks
Cool Lonely Human Guy with a MAN CAVE", our beloved
Mister Kitty met up with just such a guy! Today Mister Kitty
happily shares the Man Cave with his New Best Friend down
Nevada way. Now, how cool is that???
Then there was beautiful, shy Sugar whose mom couldn't keep her any more. At 8 years old, she was having a very hard time getting used to her new, loving foster home and she worried so much about what would become of her that she was quiet and didn't play very much.
Then one day in May, Sugar's foster daddy, Greg, who'd been loving her and telling her every day how beautiful she was, decided that she was going to be his, forever and ever! Sugar was so happy she started playing with toys for the first time since her arrival last November! How cool was that?

Here she is with her new dad.
The very same weekend Greg filled out the application to adopt her, we received a very serious inquiry about Sugar. We said, "We're sorry - she was just adopted, but would you like to meet Natalie?" So the next day, at PetSmart's Adoption Weekend, we introduced Natalie to Diana. Natalie was heard to whisper "Finally!!!" The chemistry was instant! Diana had the absolute purr-fect home to offer this cool girl.

For us Magicats Ladies, it just doesn't get any better  than this!
Dear Magicats,

I’ve been wanting to write and thank you for rescuing Olivia- Kate, or as we call her, “Little Bug,”  from outside a fast food restaurant.  By what I’ve read, she was wild and didn’t want to be caught.  The foster lady must have worked hard with her to get her used to people.

I’m happy to say that she loves her new home and likes picking on the other resident house cat “Gonzo.”  She took right to me but was scared at first of my husband and son but has now gotten used to them and even comes out to visit when company comes over.  She likes a lot of attention especially if I’m in the kitchen.  She has an egg with me every morning for breakfast and has even learned how to shake for a bite and for other kitty treats.  She’s very smart and learns quickly.  We have taught most of our cats to shake.
Little Bug fka Olivia-Kate
July 2013
She has been a bright spot in our life since we lost our other cat in March.  We were so heart broken when he died and then a month later our dog had a stroke.  I came to Pet Smart to buy doggie pads to put in her crate at night since she would potty in it and decided to look at the cats.  It was love at first sight when I saw Little Bug.  She looked so much like our other cat and she was a female.  It is hard to find a female yellow tabby.  We had one several years ago and she was so fun.

Little Bug has helped heal our grief.  In fact today at lunch my husband said she has a long name.  He called her “Little Bug; healer of our hearts.”  Indeed she is!!!  

In May, a young family brought elegant Roxy and her four beautiful kids to a Magicats foster home.  They had provided refuge for her and her kittens, but had been unable to locate her owner, and needed to find a place for the little family. Roxy settled in well, not only caring for her kids, but three orphans as well. (All seven are now adopted!)  For us, Roxy ranks as one of the great all-time Feline Moms, even after she was spayed and quit nursing.  She loved to curl up with as many kittens as could get close to her, and she endlessly groomed and taught them about The Meaning of Life.  About the same time, we began working with a very large, dangerously neglected feral/semi-feral colony including many kittens.  While some will eventually be adoptable, others will not.  Then one of our Angels stepped in and offered a place in their safe rural sanctuary for a half-dozen of less adoptable kids, as long as they could come with a “mom.”  Since their mom was no longer in evidence, we asked Roxy if she would like to volunteer.  She quickly agreed, and after an adjustment of less than 24 hours, we hear that she loves her pleasant new quarters and her beautiful new family.  You will no doubt hear more about Roxy as her new life continues!
August 2013
Beautiful, elegant, Juliette
August 2013
Sometimes the most beautiful felines happen along our way, and one of the sweetest is beautiful Juliette.  Something in her life apparently fell apart, because she was left at a pound that doesn’t take cats.  Thankfully, a call to a Magicats friend brought her to us, where she charmed everyone.  Since she had been completely declawed, it made placing her very problematic. One of our volunteers fostered her and was determined that she find the perfect home - after all she was the "most beautiful cat ever".   Then she met another Magicats partner and it was mutual love at first sight.  Obviously she made a great choice - and now we even get to see her once in awhile!
DeeDee & Sage
August 2013
DeeDee and Sage had a hard start when they came as bottle babies, so they were with us longer than most, crawling into foster mom’s heart in the process!  In March, they were chosen by the Burgess family who run an adult care center in Ontario Oregon, and off they went to a life of adventure.  Obviously, it is working well for them!  Foster mom still misses them - but it’s great to know they’re Living The Life!  Thanks to the Burgess family for keeping in touch!
Sweet Cassie was an 8 year old “throwaway” who no longer fit into her family’s lifestyle.  A quick thinking vet tech, after telling the family that euthanasia was not an option, persuaded them to turn her over to us, and even got them to leave some money to help get her medical needs updated.  Since March, Cassie has been happily fostering with Greg and Debbie and their assorted felines and canines, and while we had her listed on the website, we figured she’d be around awhile for them to love.  Then, on August 2, out of the blue, came that magic call; Cassie  had been chosen to be the companion to an older lady whose 19 year old feline companion had recently passed away.  Debbie had the joy of making the adoption, and Miss Cassie, who just knew her day had come, is loving her new Forever Home!
August 2013
This is an updated photo of Sam and Busy who are happily living in Hailey, Idaho. We always enjoy seeing how our former babies are progressing!
Sam (fka Syrus) & Busy (fka Daniel)
August 2013
I just wanted to thank you again for Spot. She has such a love of life. I get such a kick out of her tearing through the house with her little tail so straight up all the time. She totally pounces on all the felt mice she has dragged around the house and will even "fetch" them and return like a little dog. Then she loves to jump on my shoulder and snuggle while I watch TV. Max is really loosening up around her. Today, the two passed each other in the hall and Spot rubbed her entire body along Max's. And Max returned it by rubbing his nose against hers. It was so cute! Thanks again for all you do. I couldn't be happier with my choice.
November 2013
Faendal (previously known as Paige)
December 2013
It's been five months since we adopted Faendal (previously known as Paige) and she's the biggest blessing! We picked her up on our way to Oregon, from Maryland, after corresponding with Betti for a few weeks beforehand and meeting in Idaho. Without Faendal, I don't think we would have adjusted to such a strange and new situation as quickly as we did. She made our apartment feel like home immediately, and we love having her around. She's such a happy, loving and sweet cat. She loves to find her way under the covers, now that it's getting colder, and snuggle up against us to stay warm. We love her more than anything! Thank you Magicats for bringing this little girl into our lives.
Our Magicats Volunteer returned from American Falls where she met Fergus' new family and pronounced his adoption a resounding success. This was a very, very big deal for this little family and Fergus immediately warmed up to the boys, starting with the younger one -- with all kinds of happy purring. Little Fergus was then off to his new forever home where he is sure to be "The Only Cat Ever Born". How great is that!!
November 2013
We adopted "Digby" last August from Twin Falls PetSmart. He has turned into a remarkable cat, a little chubby and really good. We want to say thank you. Even though he likes to torment our other cats, he is a lover as well.
August 2013
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