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Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2014)
Belle & Precious
January 2014
We were so excited to see the photo of our beautiful Miracle Farm girl, Precious, in her new home with Belle, her almost identical New Best Friend!  Precious was among the first adults we rescued last summer, and she lost no time letting us know that her goal was a Forever Home!  She made great progress in her Magicats foster home and, true to form, was one of the first to be ready for adoption.  So, when Magicats volunteer Edna met Ruth at a kitty first aid seminar at CSI and learned that she was looking for a new best friend for her tortie, Belle, Edna knew “it was meant to be!”  Introductions were immediately arranged, and the rest is history.  You can see how much these New Best Friends are enjoying each other and their new life! 

Stories like this are what keep the Magicats Ladies going!
April 2014
Most of us have had at least one "failed foster" when a kitty simply refuses to consider anyone else.  When her Magicats  foster mom, Debbie, took Bonnie to PetSmart's adoption center, she protested all the way.  Once in her kennel, she climbed into the litter box, turned her face to the wall, and conveyed very clearly that she "planned to just die" if she had to stay and face an unknown future.  Debbie cried all the way home.  Unable to sleep, the next morning she hurried back to the cattery and found Bonnie with her face still turned to the wall.. That is, until Debbie said, "Come on, darlin', we're going home!"  The minute she walked in the door, she ran to greet all her companions, especially Kitty --her very best friend. 

That was several months ago.  Every day Bonnie smiles to herself, knowing full well that she is indeed the Queen of The House!
We called her Spot. Her new foster mom, a teacher, calls her Sammie Jo. She writes, "I've never had such a sweet affectionate kitty in all my life - and I particularly needed Sammie at this time in my life!"  Sammie enjoys being outside for a daily walk and is mastering walking on a leash. Her new best friend is Max - here they are sharing a snuggle.  Max is thrilled to have a new friend.  One of her new  mom's students made Sammie a long jungle print string that is her favorite toy. It goes wherever she goes.  She especially enjoys taking it to join mom in the bathroom while she gets ready for school.  Her students loved the story about the time she came tearing into the bathroom and accidently landed in the toilet!

Spot's Magicat foster mom (as well as the rest of the Magicat Ladies) is thrilled to hear of this purr-fect adoption! She was obviously born to bring joy into the life of her very special New Best Friend.  We're so glad they've found each other!
Sammie Jo fka Spot
April 2014
Update on Payton (formerly known as Iris) and Fiona. These beautiful girls are not related but at the time of their adoption they were living together at one of our Magicats foster homes. Brian and Veronica made an appointment to visit with Iris and were interested in adopting her. While there they also met Fiona. They decided to go home and think about both of these kitties and decided that they would give both of them a Forever Home. Pictured are current photos of Payton with her new older brother Berkeley and Fiona in their happy new life. We all love happy endings.
Payton (fka) Iris and Fiona
June 2014
Late last fall a Magicat volunteers was asked by a local farmer to place three kittens whose mom had been hit on the road earlier that year. Unable to invite them into the family home, so they had a great time living in the comfortable back porch.  Now it was time to embark on a Grown Up Life, but by this time, they were not especially interested in people.  Knowing they were unprepared for barn life, we sought a better solution. Lavinia, the only girl, made it clear from the outset that she did not intend to become “someone’s pet.”  Fortunately, she was invited to join an exclusive carefully supervised outdoor cat sanctuary in the country, which she has greatly enjoyed.  Meantime, Romulus and Remus were wary, but willing to try. While their foster mom helped them hone their social skills, we posted them on this website as a purr-fect pair.   Soon after, a mature Twin Falls couple requested a meet-and-greet.  Their elderly cats had passed on, and they were looking for new feline friends, telling us that they preferred to adopt in pairs. The meet-and-greet went very well, and today these beautiful yellow tabbies enjoy a pleasant indoor life in a lovely home with plenty of room and great windows from which to guard the yard.  We love being part of adoptions that work so well!
Remus and Romulus
June 2014
We adopted Sasha from Pet Smart on June 23 2014. We have two cats already but needed some youth to spice things up. Sasha has fit right in and has brought lots of joy to our home! Thanks for the great kitten!

Doug Becky and Talon.
June 2014
Starlight is a healthy FIV positive kitty so she needs to be an only kitty and only live inside. We are so happy that she has been adopted and is now a Therapy Cat and the constant companion of a young woman who is recuperating from a serious illness. Special Needs Kitties often make wonderful therapy cats and companions for people trying to adjust to various life situations.
August 2014
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