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Nov. 4, 2017
Magically Ever After - The Successes  (2015)
Lexie was adopted to be a friend to Puddin who was previously adopted from Magicats. We are told that they are now the best of friends!
January 2015
Sassy was adopted right before New Year’s and she is now living in her new home with two big kitty brothers. Her new pet mom absolutely loves her and is so glad that she adopted such a beautiful orange tabby kitty.
Sassy fka Candy Corn
January 2015
Jayne is now happily living in her new home in Hailey, Idaho and her new family think that she is the greatest.
January 2015
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We were thrilled to receive these beautiful pictures of Portia, Payton and Berkeley from their PetParents, Veronica and Brian.  Just a year ago Portia and Payton came to keep Berkeley company and the girls have obviously made their little feline family complete.  It was a fun adoption -- and it's even more fun to see how well this one worked out.  Truly a "magic adoption" of "Magicats!"  Congratulations to all!
Portia & Payton
March 2015
Hurray and congratulations to the young family who chose Percy and Gabe so they can be together forever!
Percy & Gabe
April 2015
Tonya and her boys proudly announce that Gilda has become their FOURTH Magi-girl! This is a picture of Gilda with her new best friend Ricki. (Ricki was the gutsy girl born into a dog-filled, dangerous yard last spring. Undaunted, she took matters into her own paws at 4 weeks of age and traveled half a block to a more hospitable yard where she was rescued by a Magicat family.) Ricki is still a take charge girl, she runs to meet her humans every day when they come home and she is thrilled now to have her own special feline friend. Gilda and Ricki share their happy home with Magicat ladies who were known to us as Sylvia and Ethel. We couldn’t be happier for all of them.
April 2015
Vanna got her name after she was found under a van in a convenience store parking lot. Only a few months old, she was covered with dirt and oil and VERY glad to be rescued! Annie, the store manager, is a Magicats volunteer so she brought Vanna home and cared for her until she could be transferred to Linda’s foster home for more experience with other cats. She was adopted last fall and her new pet parents changed her name to “Izzy”. It is obvious that she has become the beautiful companion we knew she could be. So great to see her so well loved!
Izzy (fka Vanna)
April 2015
Beautiful Maude finally found a home of her very own. The foster family that cared for Maude became so attached to this sweet cat that they decided to give her a “forever home”.  Maude is now happily living with Linda and Ron in Oregon.
June 2015
On June 6, 2015, a Magicat partner answered an emergency call from a real estate appraiser who, upon entering an abandoned house, had encountered the remains of a female cat, dead of starvation. Skittering around the room were an unknown number of mouse-sized kittens. More help arrived, and a careful search revealed three tiny kittens so emaciated it was impossible to tell their age.  Accepted as Magicats, the partner rushed them to emergency care at Green Acres.  Although it was too late for the smallest one, the black boy (Dallas) and his yellow brother (Phoenix) hung on through the night.  Over time, their strength returned, revealing two scared kittens determined to live. Great vet care, skilled nursing by the technicians, and much TLC supplied by the kennel care “cat whisperers” created a small miracle.  And, thanks to the “kindness of strangers” we were able to provide 21 days of hospital nursing for the tightly bonded pair.  Transferred in late July to a Magicats foster home where food was plentiful, they began learning the ropes and posed for their first pictures over breakfast.

Then, in mid-August we received an unexpected call from a couple who had known their story, but hadn’t been able to learn their whereabouts.  They had been  determined to find and adopt them.  An emotional meet and greet of instant bonding left no doubt that this was a big Magicat Miracle. On August 15, the two now healthy, well-adjusted kittens went to their Purr-fect Furever home where they have begun a wonderful life.  

            …THE END OF THE BEGINNING…….
Dallas & Phoenix
August 2015
In June a caring friend of a Magicats volunteer called him regarding a little gray tabby kitten that he had found. The kitten had a badly damaged eye and the Magicats volunteer said to bring him over and we’ll see what we can do. The volunteer named him Steve after his rescuer and took the kitten to Green Acres Pet Center. One of their great veterinarians removed Steve’s eye and found him to be remarkably healthy other than the infected eye. Magicats have found homes for other one-eyed kitties and know that they make wonderful pets and are not affected by the loss of one eye.

The vet who worked with Steve has a young friend who is visually impaired and he had been trying to find the “perfect little kitty” for Danielle. He thought Steve would be a good choice and told Danielle about him. She was very excited and thought it was quite cool that her new pet also had vision problems. Danielle changed Steve’s name to Sparky and he is now living in a great home of his own and receiving lots of love and attention.

This was a wonderful ending that came about because of some very caring people. Thank you to the Magicats volunteers and the great vets at Green Acres Pet Center.
Sparky (fka Steve)
August 2015
Adi is happy and healthy now and we are so grateful that her foster mom decided to keep her “forever”
November 2015
November 2015
Helga was cared for at the vet practice that does so much for our Magicats. She was recently adopted by Judith who was one of her caregivers and they are both so happy with the new arrangement.
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