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Tommy Boy was rescued by a Magicats Volunteer when he was living in an apartment complex and surviving with a little help from some of the residents. He had a badly injured front paw and when Magicats took him to one of our vets it was decided that the front leg would have to be removed. Throughout his ordeal Tommy Boy remained cheerful and happy. He recovered quickly and was adopted by a wonderful young family who wanted a big kitty that they could play and cuddle with. Tommy Boy was very happy to oblige. This was really a very magical adoption.
Tommy Boy
February 2016
Powder and Sierra Sam Have Been Adopted!!

Remember on March 11 we wrote that we were on our way to Meridian’s PetSmart to interview some new pet parents? Well, it was very nice indeed. In our three week visit, we met friendly people and enjoyed the cattery and Associates. And guess what! We got adopted by two adult brothers who are neighbors so we will get to see each other! It’s going great. Although our Magicats’ foster homes were wonderful, there’s nothing like knowing these are our very own FOREVER homes. A big shout out to the Magicats fans who cheered us on.
Powder and Sierra Sam
April 2016
April 2 was a Very Happy Day for PippaCat. She was adopted into her very own "forever home"!! She is now living in Meridian, Idaho with Isabella and Tristan and two rescue dogs, Charlie and BamBam. Thank you to this great family for taking the time to visit with her and for giving her a chance for a great life!!
April 2016
Mr. Ridley was found wandering in a parking lot and eventually ended up in the care of one of our great Magicats foster homes. When the foster mom’s grandchildren came to visit they met Mr. Ridley and it was “love at first sight”. They adopted him and he is now living happily in Utah.
Mr. Ridley
April 2016
Bootsie and Brandi were much loved by their family but when the mom was diagnosed with severe asthma they were no longer able to keep them. Magicats placed them as a Bonded Pair at the Meridian PetSmart. It is often difficult to find a home for two cats together but a caring gentleman pre-paid their adoption fee to guarantee that they would be adopted together. They are now enjoying their lives in a new home where they are very happy and so are their new pet parents!!
Bootsie & Brandi
October 2016
I’m another Magicat Miracle!  My front paw was badly injured when I was tiny. It never got treated, so I was in pretty bad shape when a kind person brought me to a local vet.  He called his favorite Magicat lady to see if they could help fix me up.  She must have said yes, because next thing I knew, I got real sleepy. When I woke up, that nuisance leg was gone!  And right after that I went to the most wonderful foster home to recuperate.  I had no idea that Jessica and Dan had already chosen me for their family!  They changed my name to Calypso - a happy name for a happy Tripod. Now I spend my days walking, running, and playing with my new four legged friends in Forever Home.  Recently I found out I have godparents, the Magicats couple who  paid all my medical bills!  Isn’t that the coolest thing EVER?  I am one lucky lady!
Peggy Calypso
November 2016
Elliot arrived on a bitterly cold Valentine’s Day in 2014. Already about two years old, he was battered and matted from life on the streets, with a bad abcess. His delight in a full belly, warm bed and people who cared demonstrated by his sunny disposition and great purr won us over. Our vet treated his wound, provided the usual medical care, but diagnosed a chronic condition that would make adoption unlikely.  We fostered him with a special partner whose sunny windows in her country home were perfect for a guy “in rehab.”  It took several months to restore his health and by then, we knew he was ours forever.  Elliot enjoyed every minute of his new life: the big rambling house, his feline friends, his foster mom, and the transient kittens. His cheerful, mellow friendliness brought smiles to the faces of visitors. Promoted to “inside-outside” he learned every inch of the property.  This idyllic life lasted almost three years. His illness was sudden, unexpected, serious, and brief.  On November 7, 2016 he crossed the Rainbow Bridge where he undoubtedly continues his love affair with the Great Outdoors.  Elliot leaves behind his many Magicat friends, human and feline, and especially, his “particular friend,” Scooter.  We treasure the gift of wonderful memories.  Elliot, we wouldn’t have missed you for the world.  Go in peace dear friend!
Remembering Elliot
November 2016
I got lost down at the post office when I was too little to even be outside. Lots of bad things could have happened, but instead, I came to a Magicats foster home, got my medical work done, and then I GOT ADOPTED!!!!  Now my name is “Bree” and I have my very own family!  It was love at first sight for all of us!  Tawny, Justin and their boys chose ME to be their INSIDE ONLY New Best Forever Friend!  Watch for some pictures of me with my new family! We’ll be in touch!
December 2016
Beautiful little Quinta was happily adopted into her new home in December 2016. She has a new family of her very own and they wanted to show us just how happy Quinta is. We love “Happy Adoptions”!!
December 2016
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