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Patch is a pretty young lady who turned up on a Burley lady’s porch in a below zero snowstorm on a weekend and asked politely if she could come in.  Temporary refuge was provided, PAWS was contacted, her picture was posted and Magicats offered to admit her to our program.   Great cooperation got her first to foster care in Jerome, where she spent the weekend, and Monday morning her foster parents checked her in at Green Acres.  She is about a year old, healthy and quite beautiful - and immediately drew lots of attention from clinic staff.  By Wednesday she had been invited for a sleepover at Amanda's house, and Thursday morning we were advised that she was being adopted and her medical bills would be paid in full.  Her new name is Ripley and she is settling in beautifully.  Not often things happen that fast!  Congratulations to a very special girl and her very special new family!  It is a pleasure to be a part of the “village” it takes to save kitties!
Ripley fka Patch
January 2017
Sweet Cookie is very happy to be in her new “forever home”. These are photos of Cookie and her new doggie friend and also her two “big” sisters who never get tired of playing with her. This was a very happy adoption for everyone who was involved.
January 2017
Bailee FKA Rebecca is almost one year old.   She's a smart, sweet, talkative, happy, busy cat. We've never heard her hiss or growl. She's just happy and loving and loves attention. She loves all of her toys and brings the one she wants to play with to us so we can play too. We've decided that she's the smartest being in our house including being smarter than the humans.  She makes us laugh everyday. We're so happy she came to live with us. Thanks to Magicats and the foster family who gave her a great start in life and for letting us give her a forever home.
April 2017
April 2017
Peggy, who is now named Calypso, had an injured leg when she was rescued and it eventually had to be amputated.

Here are two updated photos of her and an update from her pet parents.
"Calypso is doing great!! We absolutely adore her. She has grown into the most beautiful sweet cat! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!”
Miss Kitty & Sylvester
April 2017
Miss Kitty loves to cuddle and play with Sylvester. Sylvester is outgoing and curious and sometimes very mischievous. We love both of them so much and are so happy that we adopted them.
Miss TuTu
March 2017
Magi-kitties always have a place to call home, even when an adoption - or more than one adoption - goes south.  We always find a way to help them start over.  Tutu, however, was a hard case!  Adopted by a young woman in 2011, she had four years in a great home. In spring 2014, the shelter called, reporting that she’d been dumped.  She was bewildered, sick, shy, and traumatized. United with Edna, the partner who originally rescued her, we treated her for a bad urinary infection which was never completely resolved.  This didn’t make her a great adoption candidate.  For the next several years she made the rounds of our foster homes. Although the foster families uniformly loved her, it was difficult to anticipate when the problem would recur.  For some time a solution eluded us. We had decided she would need to be inside/outside but in a safe colony with a close relationship with her caregiver and that spring 2017 would be the best time to make the change.  Then Edna suddenly had a vacancy in her inside/outside colony and we decided to give it a chance.  Tutu was very glad to be home, but when she and the inside special needs cat got into an altercation, she escaped into the snow. Edna mobilized the neighborhood, and although folks had Tutu sightings, she eluded capture for 14 agonizing days.  Then one morning, she showed up on top of the roof of Edna’s small shed!  Now, six weeks later, it is obvious that Tutu and her great friend Edna have worked things out!  She spends time inside where she is getting along well with the other cats - and outside, where she views the world from atop her shed and is beginning to socialize with her outside colony friends.  She exchanges butterfly kisses with Edna and happily enjoys her inside/outside lifestyle.  With cautious optimism, we can barely contain our joy!